Vehicle Control Unit MS 50.4

The VCU MS 50.4 is a highly powerful processing / logging unit for race applications.

Based on our broad base of platform function, we support you with customized VCU functions for a tailor-made solution.

In addition, you can quickly develop your individual customer software based on MATLAB/Simulink to significantly speed up algorithm development (automatic code and documentation generation, requires CCA package) – including extensive simulation capabilities.

The device offers real time Ethernet functionality to exchange e.g. data used in control algorithms between devices (guaranteed latency time 1 ms).


  • 667 MHz Dual Core Processor exclusively for vehicle control functionality (MATLAB based)
  • Identical, dedicated 667 MHz Dual Core Processor exclusively for logging purposes
  • High Speed Logging 200 kHz of 6 analogue inputs (optional)
  • Real time Ethernet SERCOS 3
  • Event logging, Configurable pre-event logging


Processor for customer code

667 MHz Dual Core

Processor for logger

667 MHz Dual Core

Configurable math channels

User configurable CAN in/out messages

Sampling rate logger

1 ms

Optional: Sampling rate high speed logger

5 µs

Online data compression

Internal logger

  • 1,500 channels
  • 4 GB memory on partition 1
  • 4 GB memory on partition 2
  • Fastest sampling 1,000 Hz or 1 syncro
  • Long-term recording
  • Own data protection code

Logging rates

  • Usage of all features: 600 kB/s
  • Primary logging use case: >1,200 kB/s
  • Logging data download rate: up to 6.2 MB/s

Copy data of partition 1 to USB data stick

LTE Ethernet telemetry support

RS232 interface for GPS


Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data


166 x 121 x 41 mm


≤ 660 g

Protection classification


3 motorsport connectors, 198 pins in total

Max. vibration

Vibration profile 1 (see

Operating temperature internal

-20 to 80°C

Electrical Data

Supply voltage

5 to 18 V


20 Analog channels 0 to 5 V, 0.5 % precision between 0.2 and 4.8 V, switchable pull-up

8 Digital PWM inputs f_max=30 kHz Hall-type speed measurement possible,
Switchable pullup 2.15 kOhm, (required for Hall), Tooth count differential*

4 Digital PWM inputs f_max=30 kHz Hall- and DF11 type speed measurement possible,
Fixed pullup 2.15 kOhm (required for Hall), Tooth count differential*

4 universal Thermocouple

1 Bosch Laptrigger

1 TimeSync master and slave (specific to Bosch measurement system)

Internal measurements:

1 ambient pressure
1 ECU temperature
20 supply voltage
20 supply current
1 battery voltage (external VCU supply)
1 external VCU supply current
4 HS output current
3-axis acceleration plus roll/pitch/yaw rate


PWM High side

2*; 7.5 A each, PWM, 50 Hz

PWM Low side

4*; 2.2 A each, PWM, 10 kHz

*can be enhanced by Upgrade I/O Package, see below

Power Supplies

12 V, 400 mA each


Switchable 5 V/12 V, 400 mA each


Max overall current

4 A on all 12 V
2 A on all 5 V

Precision 12 V ± 1 % on the pin
Precision 5 V ± 0.1 % on the pin

Sensor ground


*can be enhanced by Upgrade I/O Package, see below

Adaptation and Documentation

Function documentation

Automatically created during code generation

MatLab code generation

Support for customer own MatLab function development

Software Tools (free download)

Data Analysis tool WinDarab 7


System Configuration tool RaceCon

Logger configuration, calibration and online measurement


Connector LIFE (red) AS018-35PN

Mating connector AS618-35SN (not included)

Connector SENS-A (yellow) AS018-35PA

Mating connector AS618-35SA (not included)

Connector SENS-B (blue) AS018-35PB

Mating connector AS618-35SB (not included)



3 Ethernet 100 Mbit


2 Realtime Ethernet SERCOS3


4 CAN*






1 RS232 interface for GPS


1 Time sync synchronization Ethernet

*can be enhanced by Upgrade I/O Package, see below


Installation Notes

Inspection services recommended after 220 h or 2 years, no components to replace.

Please remember that the mating connectors and the programming interface MSA-Box II are not included and must be ordered separately.

Ordering Information

Vehicle Control Unit MS 50.4

Order number: F02U.V02.965-02

Vehicle Control Unit MS 50.4 incl. CCA HW Upgrade

Order number: F02U.V03.012-01

Software Options

Hardware Upgrade for CCA per device

Order number: F02U.V02.137-01

Hardware Upgrade for Multi CCA per device

Order number: F02U.V03.222-01

I/0 Package

Order number: F02U.V02.777-01

High Speed Logging Package

Order number: F02U.V02.779-01


Order number: F02U.V02.213-01

Real Time Ethernet

Order number: F02U.V02.782-01


Rugged USB flash drive

Order number: F02U.V01.342-03

Mating connector for USB flash drive on car loom side

Order number: F02U.002.996-01

Adapter cable to PC USB-Port

Order number: F02U.V01.343-01

Opening tool for shellsize 18

Order number: F02U.V01.394-01

Breakout Box BOB 66-pole

Connector code: blue

Order number: F02U.V02.295-01

Breakout Box BOB 66-pole

Connector code: yellow

Order number: F02U.V02.298-01

Breakout Box BOB MS 7

Connector code: red

Order number: F02U.V02.293-01