Data Direct Access API

The Bosch Data Direct Access API provides access to the logged data and telemetry data of Bosch Motorsport data logger devices. It can be included in user specific applications to monitor and analyse car data in the most efficient and flexible way.

The Bosch Data Direct Access is a .NET class library for converting measurement data from data logger devices to an application-defined data format.

The supported source data can be delivered by

  • Telemetry streams from Bosch loggers
  • Raw measurement files from Bosch loggers
  • Supports USB and FTP data transfer from logger and USB stick

Updates for new features are included; single seat licenses are provided and have a runtime of one year.

The Bosch Data Direct Access API is the first module of the all-new Bosch Data Management world for reading and writing different types of data in the Bosch Motorsport data systems.


  • Has read access to raw files, Stream-Logging and Telemetry
  • Supports USB and FTP data transfer from logger and USB sticks


General Features

Full Flow Control



  • Online (incl. Support Bosch Cloud Telemetry)
  • Logging Stream

Access to raw files in Bosch loggers

Supports Multilogging



PC Hardware

  • IBM PC Pentium/AMD Athlon compatible, min. 1.6 GHz Min.
  • 1 GB RAM Min.
  • 1 GB free HD disk space
  • Recommended Operation System Windows 10

Recommended Development Environment

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
  • .NET Core 3.1 or newer
  • .NET 4.7.2 or newer

Technical Specifications

Functions and classes











Installation Notes

Windows examples for several use cases included in delivery

Yearly renew of license necessary

Ordering Information

Data Direct Access API

One License, one seat for one year

Order number: F02U.V03.264-01

Legal Restrictions

The sale of this Software Tool in Mexico is prohibited.

Due to embargo restrictions, sale of this Software Tool in Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, and North Korea is prohibited.