Engine Control Unit MS 3 Sport GT3 Cup

The MS 3 Sport GT3 Cup motorsport ECU enables you to optimize the software of Ex-Porsche GT3 Cup cars (996 GT3 Cup; 997 GT3 Cup) by getting full access to the ECU, allowing you to adapt it to any engine hardware changes. The software offers additional features and comes with a base calibration.


  • Free and full access to the ECU
  • No wiring changes necessary
  • Support for 3rd party displays via CAN
  • Plug and play with base “safe” calibration
  • Pre-configured workbases for free Bosch Motorsport calibration tools


Compatible Porsche type series

996 GT3 Cup; 997 GT3 Cup

Control strategy


Lambda control


Speed limiter


Gear cut for sequential gear box


Map switch corresponds to 3 different lambda and spark maps.

Fuel cut off


Sequential fuel injection


Asymmetric injection timing


Asymmetric ignition timing


Knock control


Traction control


Interface to Bosch Motorsport ABS M4 kit

Support of 60-2 and 36-2 ignition trigger wheels

Max. vibration

Vibration Profile 3

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data

Extremely small and flat aluminum pressure casting housing

4 mounting points on housing


2 connectors with high pin density

Extremely shock and vibration proof hybrid technology


120 x 90 x 40 mm


250 g

Temperature range

-40 to 125°C

Electrical Data

Max. power consumption

10 W at 14 V

Power supply


Full operation

9 to 16 V


11 to 14 V


2 lambda interfaces LSU


4 inputs for Hall-effect wheel speed sensors

1 input for inductive crankshaft sensor

1 input for Hall-effect camshaft sensor

22 analog inputs 0 to 5 V


2 knock sensor inputs



6 injection power stages


6 ignition power stages (7.5 to 8.0 A)

8 power stages (1 A/2 A; low side; PWM)

2 power stages for lambda heater

1 H-bridge (5 A)


2 sensor supplies 5 V/100 mA


Software Tools

Modas Sport Calibration SW


WinDarab Analysis SW

On request

Environment (not included)

Com. interface MSA-Box II

F 02U V00 327-03

Data logger C 70

F 02U V02 300-02

Display DDU 9

F 02U V02 302-01

Mating Connectors (not included)

Mating Connector I

D 261 205 139-01

Mating Connector II

D 261 205 140-01



1 K-line serial interface


1 CAN interface


Ordering Information

Delivery with Porsche GT3 specific base calibration

Engine Control Unit MS 3 Sport GT3 Cup

Delivery with Porsche GT3 specific base calibration

Order number: F 02U V0U 082-01