Vehicle Control Unit VCU

The Vehicle Control Unit VCU is a highly powerful processing unit for customer-developed functions integrating a flexible logging device with high speed logging capability of up to 200 kHz.

The processing cores feature floating-point arithmetic and a high-end FPGA for ultimate performance and flexibility. The customer software development process is based on MATLAB/Simulink to significantly speed up algorithm development (automatic code and documentation generation).

It offers real time Ethernet functionality to exchange e.g. data used in control algorithms between devices (guaranteed latency time 1 ms).

This device comes with a basic software consisting of operating system, H/W-drivers and low-level functions like pin setup, diagnostics, etc. The customer can freely develop his own application software using the MATLAB/Simulink environment.


  • 667 MHz Dual Core Processor exclusively for customer code execution (MATLAB based)
  • Identical, dedicated 667 MHz Dual Core Processor exclusively for logging purposes
  • High Speed Logging 200 kHz of 6 analogue inputs (optional)
  • Real time Ethernet SERCOS 3
  • Event logging, Configurable pre-event logging


Processor for customer code

667 MHz Dual Core

Processor for logger

667 MHz Dual Core

Configurable math channels


User configurable CAN in/out messages


Sampling rate logger

1 ms

Optional: Sampling rate high speed logger

5 µs

Online data compression


Logging rate

Max. 500 kB/s

Internal storage capacity

6 GB

LTE Ethernet telemetry support

RS232 interface for GPS


Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data


166 x 121 x 41 mm


≤ 660 g

Protection classification


Operating temperature internal

-20 to 80°C

3 motorsport connectors, 198 pins in total

Max. vibration

Vibration profile 1 (see

Electrical Data

Supply voltage

5 to 18 V


Analog channels
0 to 5 V, 0.5 % precision between 0.2 and 4.8 V, switchable pull-up


Digital PWM inputs
f_max=30 kHz
Hall-type speed measurement possible,
Switchable pullup 2.15 kOhm, (required for Hall),
Tooth count differential*


Digital PWM inputs
f_max=30 kHz
Hall- and DF11 type speed measurement possible,
Fixed pullup 2.15 kOhm (required for Hall),
Tooth count differential*



4 universal

Bosch Laptrigger


TimeSync master and slave (specific to Bosch measurement system)


Internal measurement

1 ambient pressure
1 ECU temperature
20 supply voltage
20 supply current
1 battery voltage (external VCU supply)
1 external VCU supply current
4 HS output current


PWM High side

2*; 7.5 A each, PWM, 50 Hz

PWM Low side

4*; 2.2 A each, PWM, 10 kHz

*can be enhanced by Upgrade I/O Package, see below

Power Supplies

12 V, 400 mA each


Switchable 5 V/12 V, 400 mA each


Max overall current

4 A on all 12 V
2 A on all 5 V

Precision 12 V ± 1 % on the pin
Precision 5 V ± 0.1 % on the pin

Sensor ground


*can be enhanced by Upgrade I/O Package, see below

Adaptation and Documentation

Function documentation

Automatically created during code generation

MatLab code generation

Support for customer own MatLab function development

Software Tools (free download)

Data Analysis tool WinDarab 7 Free


System Configuration tool RaceCon

Logger configuration, calibration and online measurement


Software license for USB-port unlocked

Rugged USB flash drive


Adapter cable to USB-port


Adapter for wiring harness


Upgrade High Speed Logging Package


0 to 5 V, 200 kHz logging rate

Upgrade I/O Package






4 Analog channels
0 to 20 V,
0.5 % precision between 0.8 and 19.2 V, switchable pull-up

4 Digital PWM inputs
f_max=30 kHz
Hall-type speed measurement possible,
Fixed pullup 2.15 kOhm (required for Hall),
Tooth count differential*

4 LVDT, 5 pin configuration,
excitation frequency 1 to 20 kHz,
excitation voltage 0 to 5 V (rms)



4 “TTL” Digital output, 10 kHz, PWM, 250 mA each

2 PWM High side; 7.5 A each, PWM, 50 Hz

4 PWM Low side; 2.2 A each, PWM, 10 kHz

Power Supplies


5 x12 V, 400 mA each

5 switchable 5 V/12 V, 400 mA each

* The tooth count differential between any two of the PWM inputs is available two measure e.g. shaft torsion.

Upgrade Real Time Ethernet

Enables the VCU to operate as a real time Ethernet master or slave. Guaranteed latency time of 1 ms. Ideal for time critical data transfer as needed in online control algorithms involving data from different devices.
Two interfaces allow for a ring topology (redundancy in case the RTE line experiences damage).
The VCU features a reasonable set of SERCOS3 instructions although not the full SERCOS3 standard is implemented. The ECU side can act as a SERCOS3 master; the logger side can act as a SERCOS3 slave.

Upgrade CCP Master

Enables CCP master functionality to request data from foreign devices via CAN/CCP protocol.


Connector LIFE (red) AS018-35PN

Mating connector AS618-35SN (not included)

Connector SENS-A (yellow) AS018-35PA

Mating connector AS618-35SA (not included)

Connector SENS-B (blue) AS018-35PB

Mating connector AS618-35SB (not included)



3 Ethernet 100 Mbit


2 Realtime Ethernet SERCOS3


4 CAN*






1 RS232 interface for GPS


1 Time sync synchronization Ethernet

*can be enhanced by Upgrade I/O Package, see below

Installation Notes

Inspection services recommended after 220 h or 2 years, no components to replace.

Please remember that the mating connectors and the programming interface MSA-Box II are not included and must be ordered separately.

Ordering Information

Vehicle Control Unit VCU

Order number: F02U.V02.724-01

High Speed Logging Package

Order number: F02U.V02.779-01

I/0 Package

Order number: F02U.V02.777-01

Real Time Ethernet

Order number: F02U.V02.782-01


Breakout Box BOB MS 7

Order number: F02U.V02.293-01

Opening tool for shellsize 18

Order number: F02U.V01.394-01

USB Kit for C 70, C 80, DDU 9, DDU 10 and VCU

Order number: F02U.V02.214-01

Software Options


Order number: F02U.V02.213-01


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