Calibration Tool Modas Sport

Modas Sport is the calibration tool for Bosch Motorsport ECUs. It integrates a lot of meaningful features to manage our engine control units at the dyno and the racetrack.


  • Calibration software tool for Bosch ECUs


Calibration tool for MS 3, MS 4.x, MS 5.x, MS 15, MS 3 Sport, MS 4 Sport, MS 15 Sport

Visualization, processing and management of calibration, measurement and documentation data

Measuring system

Numeric data visualization

Bitwise, decimal, hexadecimal data visualization

Recording of measurement data (needs WinDarab to analyze)

Oscilloscope (graphic data visualization)

Calibration system

Visualization and manipulation of parameters (calibration data)

Parameter file manager

Data file manager (copy & compare)

Macro manager

Potiboard support integrated


Work base management

Integrated K-Line flashing tool

Intuitive design, easy to use, based on latest technology

Technical Specifications

Function requirements


IBM PC compatible, min. 1.6 GHz

Approx. 512 MB RAM

Approx. 100 MB free hard disc space

VGA monitor (min. 1,024 x 768)

Recommended Operation System Windows 10

Optional Accessories



WinDarab Free data analysis Software

On request


CAN (CCP), K-Line (KWP2000)

Ordering Information

Calibration Tool Modas Sport

Order number: free download at our homepage