Modular Sensor Interface MSI 60

The MSI 60 is a high quality signal conditioning and data acquisition unit for analog, digital, frequency and linear variable differential (LVDT) sensors.

MSI 60 offers a large number of freely configurable inputs (32 x differential analog, 8 x single ended analog, 8 x LVDT, 2 x frequency, 1 x RS 232 for GPS). Possible applications of the differential inputs include e.g. 31 TC-J type or TC-K type temperature sensors arranged in a sensor array (one diff. input used for compensation), PT100, PT1000 (specific pull up values available), NTC, strain gauges etc. Each differential input features 200 times oversampling.

The cut-off frequency of the digital filters in all inputs is automatically adjusted to match the acquisition rate. MSI 60 also corrects the latency of the digital filters during recording, yielding zero filter delay in the recorded data. Quantization of each MSI measurement channel is individually configurable. Data can be sent via Ethernet interface to any Bosch Motorsport logging device.


  • 50 sensor inputs (differential analog, single ended analog, LVDT, frequency, RS232)
  • High quality signal processing
  • Compact dimensions

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data


153 x 119 x 38 mm


645 g

Aluminum housing


High density type motorsport connectors

Vibration damped printed circuit boards

Operating temperature

-20 to 85°C

Max. vibration

15 g sinus at 1,200 Hz for t < 5 h

Electrical Data

Max. power consumption
(w/o sensor power supply)

15 W

Required power supply

7 to 18 V

2 frequency inputs 0 to 25.5 kHz for inductive sensor / Hall-effect sensor / DF11 sensor

32 differential analog inputs, switchable to single ended operation, -5 V to 5 V or 0 V to 5 V; switchable pull up values 3.01 kOhm and 4.99 kOhm, 49.9 kOhm to suit PT100/PT1000

8 single ended analog inputs, 0 V to 5 V; switchable pull up value 3.01 kOhm

8 LVDT inputs, 2.5 kHz/5 kHz/10 kHz; 3 V/5 V/10 V RMS

4 PWM outputs, max. 1 A each, max. 1 kHz

2 x 5 V or 10 V switchable sensor power supply, max. 200 mA each

2 x 5 V sensor power supply, max. 400 mA each

1 x sensor power supply, max. 800 mA voltage = (MSI 60 supply voltage) -1.1 V; switched U_Batt


Software Upgrade 1

CCP-Master (ASAP 2 file from ECU manufacturer required)


Connectors and Wires

Connector LIFE (red)


Mating Connector

AS612-35SN; max. AWG22

Connector SENSOR 1 (yellow)


Mating Connector

max. AWG24

Connector SENSOR 2 (red)


Mating Connector

max. AWG24


RS 232 interface for GPS (data reception only)

3 x Ethernet 100 MBit/s


2 x freely configurable up to 1 MBit CAN bus

Ordering Information

Modular Sensor Interface MSI 60

Order number: F02U.V01.901-01

Software Options

SW Upgrade 1

Order number: F02U.V01.012-01

Legal Restrictions

The sale of this product in Mexico is prohibited.