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Electric Coolant Pump ECP 160

Electric Coolant Pump ECP 160

Designed with lightweighting in mind

Product Showcase Award
Our Electric Coolant Pump ECP 160 deeply impressed the jury of the motorsport trade show Autosport International in Birmingham in January 2019. It therefore won the award "Product Showcase Winner" in the category "Efficiency".

Designed for extreme performance, the Electronic Coolant Pump ECP 160 ensures perfect thermal management at all times. 160 liters per minute at 1.5 bar differential pressure, ultra-high 60 % efficiency, weighing less than 1000 g and being impressively small makes the electric coolant pump a real power package. Spiral housing and air inlet from the 3D printer contribute significantly to the low weight. The ECP 160 is designed to replace mechanical pumps in combustion engines, but can operate in other applications like battery-, electric motor- or inverter cooling, as well. The installation point is flexible because it is no longer limited by packaging restrictions like previous belt driven coolant pumps. The pump is driven by a brushless electric motor that is integrated in the pump housing.

All technical information could be found in the ECP 160 data sheet.

Customer benefits

Minimal weight

Pump Unit and Electronic Box together weigh just 926g.

Maximum efficiency

With an operating efficiency of 60 %, the ECP can provide the best possible performance.

Highest flexibility

The pump can be placed anywhere in the vehicle.

WOW factors

Choose between 12 and 48 V

240 l/min max.

Max. released power of 750 Watt

System weight < 1 kg

PWM & CAN control

Additive manufactured parts