DTM Esports Championship

DTM Esports Championship

Bosch is committed to Esports and revs up the pixels.

First and foremost: sim racing has nothing to do with gaming. Sim racing is motorsport – and has been since 2018, according to the Deutscher Motor Sport Bund e.V. The ultra-real racing simulations open up whole new dimensions of excitement, high performance and high tech – and, by promoting young people, play a major role in the future of racing. It goes without saying that Bosch Motorsport also wants to be represented in this fascinating world of virtual racing. As an official supporter of the DTM Esports Championship 2020, we have taken our first steps into the world of Esports where we will also be recording best lap times on the virtual racetrack from now on.

And our success proves us right: Following a spectacular performance by Moritz Löhner, our team of exceptional sim racers not only took first place but the abilities displayed by his team mates Tim Jarschel and mentor Sheldon van der Linde also ensured an overall victory. What a start!

DTM Esports Championship

Our drivers for the DTM Esports Championship

A series of successes: The Bosch Motorsport Team has been showing just how much of a fighting spirit it has right from the start. DTM Esports Champion Moritz Löhner took two first places in the final, closely followed by Tim Jarschel, who also defended his second place twice. A resounding success not only for the drivers themselves but also for the entire Bosch Motorsport Team which, managed by DTM mentor Sheldon van der Linde, also claimed an overall victory.

Driver DTM Esports Championship

DTM Esports Championship 2020 winner Moritz Löhner

Moritz is 21 years old and has been competing in RaceRoom since 2013. Over time, he has already won a range of titles and awards, including the current Porsche Esports Carrera Cup Germany title, and he won the ADAC GT Masters eSports Championship in 2019.

Team mate Tim Jarschel

At the tender age of 16, Tim has already spent a lot of time in the virtual racing seat – almost 19,000 laps, to be exact. A few of these laps helped him to become the German RaceRoom Champion 2020.

A strong mentor for a strong team

The sim racers drive in teams with one DTM professional or all-star driver each, who help them compete for the team championship and provide them with support as mentors. For our racers, this was no one less than BMW DTM driver Sheldon van der Linde himself.

DTM Esports Mentor
DTM Esports Championship 2020

DTM Esports Championship 2020

Real and virtual motorsport competed head-to-head in the DTM Esports Championship 2020 newly created by the DTM ITR umbrella organization. 18 top-class sim racers competed in the RaceRoom race simulation with six experienced professional racing drivers over four heats of two 20-minute races. Races were held on and in the authentic DTM racetracks and vehicles. Apart from the fastest individual sim racer, the most successful team is crowned as well. The winner Moritz Löhner can now look forward to an exclusive career development program.

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