e-GoKart Powertrain Young Star

The e-GoKart System combines traditional karting and future-oriented technology. High energy and power density of the air-cooled system components are ideal for small and lightweight vehicles like e-GoKarts. With high torque, the e-GoKart System supports convincing driving behavior and fun-to-drive. The e-GoKart System provides high power over a wide range for maximum vehicle speed. By intelligent software, the e-GoKart System gets the best out of the vehicle at any time and any driving profile, energy recuperation included. The system is safe and reliable based on automotive qualified components and a development approach according to automotive standards. The e-GoKart System is a platform for easy scalability over different vehicle classes and types.


  • Ready to use solution
  • Lowest maintenance costs due to highly reliable electrical powertrain
  • Advanced software and permanent software monitoring
  • Excellent drivability in all applications


System weight

∼41 kg

Nominal voltage

48 V (no special safety precautions are required)

Power modes

Reverse, boost, 3 different power maps (can be calibrated according to customer requirements)


Optional external remote control with speed limitation to 5 km/h


At steering wheel: reverse and boost
At body for system: On/Off, neutral/drive, key switch for 3 different power maps

Technical Specifications

Power Unit PU 5-10

Component specification


Claw pole electric motor with integrated inverter and µC

Maximum engine power

8.0 kW

Scalable power maps

3 available

Maximum engine torque

50 Nm

Maximum speed

10.000 rpm


9,8 kg

Thermal system

Air cooled with integrated fans

Energy Storage ES 5-2.4

Component specification


Lithium-Ion with Battery Management System


2 x 2.4 kWh

Driving time under racing conditions with 4.8 kW

More than 1 hour

Total charging time

4 hours (2 hours per battery)

Charge connector

230 V


2 to 4 x 15 kg

Thermal system

Passive cooled

Content of kit

Power Unit PU 5-10


2 x Energy Storage ES 5-2.4

Vehicle Control Unit VCU MS 40

Display Unit DDU 18


DC/DC converter


Charger Energy Storage CH 5-1.2

Wiring harness with switches


Acceleration Pedal Sensor


Brake Inductive Sensor


Pressure Sensor


Installation Notes

Typical lifetime Battery: 80 % battery capacity after 2,200 h / 1,500 cycles according to Bosch standard validation program

Typical lifetime PU and VCU: max. 3,000 h

For application with severe conditions and/or high volume, please contact your Bosch Motorsport counterpart in order to define the most appropriate validation program

Ordering Information

e-GoKart Powertrain Young Star

Order number: F02U.V02.649-02