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Racing #LikeABosch

Fueled by an unstoppable passion for motorsport, a dynamic team spirit, and a wealth of experience, we’re not only pushing the limits – we’re empowering you to outpace your own expectations. Start Racing #LikeABosch.

Racing #LikeABosch

Going beyond with Bosch

Every lap is an opportunity to go beyond what was previously possible. The innovative suite of products from Bosch is engineered to redefine the limits. Leading the charge in motorsport innovation, our high-performance power train components and cutting-edge electrification solutions set new standards in efficiency and power. Coupled with our advanced ABS systems, we deliver unparalleled braking performance, seamlessly merging safety with speed. Our state-of-the-art electronics and telemetry systems further complement this suite, offering critical data-driven insights that enhance performance, both on the track and behind the scenes.

Our products and services are not only the result of our comprehensive expert knowledge, but also the passion with which we have driven development forward, and we will continue to do so in the future.
Ingo Mauel, Head of Bosch Motorsport
Technology for the fast track

Technology for the fast track

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Bosch Motorsport product catalog

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Here you can download our current product catalog as PDF file.


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