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The optimal analysis tool for logged data.

WinDarab V7 is an extensive evaluation tool to display and analyze the logged data. Monitor your vehicle data live via telemetry and compare the recorded data by reading-out your data logger. WinDarab V7 features a state of the art user interface and reads-out engine as well as chassis data.

In order to implement your requirements optimally we offer WinDarab V7 in two different versions: Free and Expert.

The extensive functions make WinDarab V7 the perfect evaluation tool for racing engineers, as it analyzes the collected data in a fast and accurate way.

WinDarab V7 is available in two versions:

WinDarab Free

The free version offers all basic functions that are necessary for data evaluation.

WinDarab Expert

The expert version offers you the complete function range without any limitations. The complete function range is described under “Function range”.

WinDarab function range

WinDarab V7 offers you the following functions (*):


  • Graph Display
  • Inform
  • x/y-Plot
  • Histogram
  • Distribution
  • Fourier Transformation
  • Flow Chart
  • Min/Max-Table
  • Outings report
  • Lap Analysis


  • Overlaying different laps
  • Time-/distance-analysis
  • Absolute and relative values
  • One-click channel statistics (min/max, avg, etc.)
  • User defined help lines
  • Lap reports and lap comparisons
  • Displaying offline data in real time
  • Information about data
  • Measurement video
  • 3 different analyzing methods for distance, time, samples

Advanced Analysis

  • User defined math channels
  • User defined conditions to filter data
  • FFT-Analysis
  • Conditions
  • Alias Channels
  • Setup sheet
  • Recognition of events
  • Math function based on segments


  • Racetrack creation based on v/acc or GPS data
  • Subdivision of racetracks into segments
  • Manually generated racetracks


  • Displaying of online data in real time
  • Indicating instruments in real time
  • Instrument display

User interface

  • Flexible arrangement of views
  • Storable arrangement of views
  • Lap browser
  • Fast and easy control via shortcut keys
  • Storage of the analysis view

Data transmission

  • Data transfer without additional hardware
  • Data encryption
  • ASCII import and export
  • Read / compile and open of logged data
  • Initialization of flashcard
  • Data exchange over the programming interface COMAPi


  • no dongle necessary (all versions)
  • Activation / Update via internet
  • Annual maintenance for always up-to-date versions

(*) The list refers to the expert version of WinDarab V7, which contains the complete function range.
Further information about the versions can be found in the menu under “Versions”

System requirements

  • Windows 7/10
  • CPU min. 1.6 GHz
  • RAM min. 1 GB
  • Free hard disk storage min. 1 GB
  • VGA/WGA-monitor (ab 1024 x 768)


You´ll find all downloads on the product page.

WinDarab FAQ

How do I license my WinDarab?

WinDarab Free does not immediately need a license key, but requires a registration within 20 days. After registration, you can continue using WinDarab Free indefinitely.
WinDarab Expert needs a license key, which needs to be entered into the software (Start -> Tools -> Update license).
To insert the license key you will need a working internet connection.

From which Bosch Motorsport devices can I import data?

  • Data loggers (C60, C70, ...) ECUs (MS6, MS7, ...)
  • Displays (DDU9, DDU10, ...)

Which interfaces are used to import data?

  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • CF-Card

Is it possible to import data from non-Bosch devices?

Yes, it is possible to import and analyze ASCII or MDF files.

Is it possible to open logged data of older WinDarab versions?

Yes, the newest WinDarab version is completely downward compatible.

What happens to the data on the device after importing it into WinDarab?

The general settings delete the logged data from the device. However, you can change the import settings to change it.

Which shortcuts are available in WinDarab?

You can find an overview here.

You can find more software details about the analysis tool WinDarab on our specific product page.