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Product Highlights

MS 6 Drag Racing Software

Extract the most performance possible from your powertrain.

Drag Race Wheely

The MS 6 Drag Racing Software is an engine control software package developed by Bosch Motorsport North America that includes features specific to drag racing style powertrains. The base MS 6 powertrain control capability is enhanced by these features to give the customer a comprehensive toolbox to extract the most performance possible from their powertrain.

Intended Market

The intended customer application is in a vehicle designed to be used for track-use only drag racing. It is flexible enough to accommodate engines from 4 cylinders to 12 cylinders, forced induction with supercharger or turbocharger(s), and nitrous. It can be used with both automatic and manual transmissions.

Hardware/Software Required

Hardware: MS 6.1, MS 6.2, MS 6.3 (direct injection capable), or MS 6.4 (direct injection capable)

Software: Drag 1 or Drag 2 software license, RaceCon, WinDarab

The software can be used on all variants of the MS 6 platform.

Unique Selling Points


  • Direct Injection Capability
  • MS 6 ECU Performance
    • Consolidates many functions into a single box solution for injection, ignition, launch control, traction control, boost control, and data logging
    • MS 6.3 and MS 6.4 are direct injection capable
    • IP54 rated hardware rigorously tested for motorsport and endurance racing applications
    • Weight: ~2.2 lbs.

Drag 1 License Features

  • Launch Timer
  • Launch Distance
  • Time/Distance based Torque Pre-Control
  • Launch RPM Control
  • Universal Outputs for Time/Distance Controls

Drag 2 License Features (requires Drag 1 License)

  • MM5.10 Acceleration Sensor included
  • Time/Distance Boost Control
  • Driveshaft Speed Control
  • Driveshaft Gradient Control
  • Acceleration Control
  • Wheelie Control


  • There is the capability to “simulate” a time slip within WinDarab for events that do not provide times. This allows racers to estimate/refine their times and also estimate their competition’s times.


Do I need WinDarab Expert?

No, the customer can use two pages of data effectively in our experience. Expert features can be helpful for analysing more pages (historical runs, weather conditions, etc.).

Is there a RaceCon Template?

Yes, please find it in at the bottom of this website under "MS 6 Drag Project Example".

How do I purchase this product?

Please find a dealer in your region here who would be happy to assist you with purchasing this product.

Can I run Drag 2 solo?

No, Drag 1 is required for Drag 2 functionality.

Download the RaceCon project file "MS 6 Drag Project Example"