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Software Highlights


The fully integrated software tool for Bosch Motorsport hardware calibration and configuration.


RaceCon is an all integrated software tool for configuration and calibration of Bosch Motorsport hardware products, such as ECUs, displays and loggers. The communication is based on the Bosch Motor-sport MSA-Box interface. The software specializes in each of the individual products and is constantly evolving. RaceCon has many features and makes sure that the user can personalize their project. In addition, the program is always up to date, because the newer the displays, the more futuristic the display elements are.


  • An all integrated software tool for configuration and calibration
  • State of the art user interface
  • Versatile display and measuring elements
  • Customizable mathematical channels and filters



  • Communication via K-Line/CAN/Ethernet (KWP/CCP/XCP)
  • CAN communication log functionality (baud rate changeable)
  • Quick data search with filters


  • ECU data file up- and download
  • Parameter file up- and download
  • Diagnostic functionality for Bosch Motorsport ECUs
  • Integrated flash functionality
    Integrated Bosch sensor database
  • Configuration of Bosch Motorsport CAN modules
  • Edit channels and messages
  • Protect devices with PINs


  • Configuration of Bosch Motorsport data loggers, Log channels and configuration
  • Make your own conditions


  • Configuration of Bosch Motorsport displays
  • Intuitive easy to use design
  • Create your own layout
  • Add shift lights and other light signals

Calibration and Measuring:

  • Calibration of ECU maps and curves
  • Data file / Work base management
  • Quick data access over Race Mode
  • Measure, edit and record your data

Technical Specifications

  • IBM PC Pentium/AMD Athlon compatible, min. 1.6 GHz
  • Ram min. 2GB
  • Free hard disc space min. 1GB
  • VGA/WGA monitor (min. 1,024 x 768)
  • Windows 10 32/64 Bit
  • Optional : MSA-Box II (F 02U V00 327-02)

Ordering Information

  • Free download


You´ll find all downloads on the product page.

You can find more details about the programming tool RaceCon on our specific product page.