System Configuration Tool RaceCon

RaceCon is an all integrated software tool for configuration and calibration of Bosch Motorsport hardware products, such as ECUs, displays, loggers. The communication is based on Bosch Motorsport MSA-Box interface.



  • An all integrated software tool for configuration and calibration


Calibration of ECU maps and curves

ECU data file up- and download

Parameter file up- and download

Diagnostic functionality for Bosch Motorsport ECUs

Data file / Work base management

Integrated flash functionality

Integrated Bosch sensor database

Configuration of Bosch Motorsport displays

Configuration of Bosch Motorsport data loggers

Configuration of Bosch Motorsport CAN modules

Communication via K-Line/CAN/Ethernet (KWP/CCP/XCP)

CAN communication log functionality (baud rate changeable)

Quick data access over Race Mode

Intuitive design, easy to use

Technical Specifications



IBM PC Pentium/AMD Athlon compatible, min. 1.6 GHz

Min. 2 GB RAM

Min. 1 GB free hard disc space

VGA/WGA monitor (min. 1,024 x 768)

Recommended Operating System: Windows 10

Optional Accessories



Ordering Information

System Configuration Tool RaceCon

Order number: free download at our homepage

Legal Restrictions

The sale of this Software Tool in Mexico is prohibited.

Due to embargo restrictions, sale of this Software Tool in Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, and North Korea is prohibited.