Pressure Sensor Air PS-AS

This sensor is designed to measure absolute air-pressure, especially the air box pressure of gasoline or Diesel engines.

An integrated circuit combines a piezo-resistive sensor element and an electronic for signal-amplification and temperature compensation. The output of the sensor is an analog, ratio metric signal.



  • Application: 0.2 to 3.0 bar
  • Response time: 1 ms
  • Pressure reference type: Absolute
  • Power supply: 5 V
  • Weight: 21 g



0.2 to 3 bar (a)

Pressure reference type


Max. pressure

5 bar

Operating temp. range

-40 to 130°C

Media temp. range

-40 to 130°C

Storage temp. range

0 to 40°C

Max. vibration

According to ISO 16750-3

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data




12.05 ± 0.8 mm

Weight w/o wire

21 g


O-ring 7.59 x 2.62 mm

Electrical Data

Power supply US

4.75 to 5.25 V

Max power supply US max

16 V

Full scale output UA at 5 V

0.4 to 4.65 V

Current IS

9 mA


Response time T10/90

1 ms

Compensated range

10 to 85°C

Tolerance (FS) at US = 5 V

± 0.030 bar

Tolerance (FS)

± 1.07 %


1,518 mV/bar


96 mV


Expansion of Tolerance

Connectors and Wires


RB-COMP 1.1a/3P/Kod.1

Mating connector


Pin 1


Pin 2


Pin 3


Various motorsport and automotive connectors are available on request.

Installation Notes

The PS-AS is designed for engines using ROZ95, ROZ98, M15, E22 and Diesel.

The sensor can be connected directly to most control units.

To avoid noise, an ECU-input circuit with a RC-low pass filter (tau = 2 ms) is recommended.

Use engine oil (5W40) as O-Ring grease (no silicone based grease).

Avoid miss-pinning (max. 5 minutes at I = 0.3 A).

Please find further application hints in the offer drawing and free download of the sensor configuration file (*.sdf) for the Bosch Data Logging System at our homepage.

To avoid damage caused by condensate the maximum mounting position from vertical is +-60°.

Safety Note

The sensor is not intended to be used for safety related applications without appropriate measures for signal validation in the application system.

Ordering Information

Pressure Sensor Air PS-AS

Order number: 0281.002.996

Legal Restrictions

Due to embargo restrictions, sale of this product in Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, and North Korea is prohibited.