Fuel Pressure Regulator Mini 2

Fuel pressure regulators are used to maintain constant fuel pressure at the injection valves.

We offer this regulator for gasoline as well as for methanol applications.

The main benefit of this regulator includes a higher pressure range and a higher return flow rate in comparison to the production type regulators.



  • 5 to 10 bar
  • 30 to 400 l/h reflow
  • Adjusted at 105 l/h
  • Aluminum housing
  • All versions Methanol compatible


Pressure range

See ordering information

Reflow quantity

30 to 400 l/h

Fuel compatibility

Gasoline, E85, M100

Operating temperature

-40 to 120°C

Storage temperature

-40 to 100°C

Max. vibration

<600 m/s² at 5 to 250 Hz

Valve leakage

Qleck [cm3/min] ≤ 9 (pneumatic)

at p [kPa] = 0.8 x Pnom

Technical Specifications


Please see Ordering Information

Mechanical Data


38.1+0.1-0.2 mm


Ca. 61 g


Fastening with a clip

Connectors and Wires

Connector supply

Diam. 25 mm, O-ring 25x2.5

Connector reflow

Diam. 9.1 mm, O-ring 5x2.5

Installation Notes

Never run the regulator without the integrated filter.

Please oil O-rings lightly with clean and silicone free engine oil before you install the regulator.

Please make a leak test after you have installed the regulator.

When the pressure regulator is removed and will be reused, the O-rings must be tested for fractures.

Operation of the pressure regulator with a medium other than gasoline is not allowed.

Using the FPR Adaptor light F02U.V02.248-01, you can rebuild the regulator an inline type.

This pressure regulator is not designed for in-tank mounting.

Ordering Information

Fuel Pressure Regulator Mini 2

Pressure Range 5.0 bar

Order number: F02U.V02.166-01

Fuel Pressure Regulator Mini 2

Pressure Range 6.0 bar

Order number: F02U.V02.168-01

Fuel Pressure Regulator Mini 2

Pressure Range 7.0 bar

Order number: F02U.V02.170-01

Fuel Pressure Regulator Mini 2

Pressure Range 8.0 bar

Order number: F02U.V02.171-01

Fuel Pressure Regulator Mini 2

Pressure Range 10.0 bar

Order number: F02U.V02.172-01

FPR Adaptor light

Order number: F02U.V02.248-01

Legal Restrictions

The sale of this product in Mexico is prohibited.

Due to embargo restrictions, sale of this product in Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, and North Korea is prohibited.