Fuel Pump FP 200-7

The FP 200-7 is an inline roller cell pump for the installation outside the fuel tank (installation in the tank is not proven).

It is capable of providing 200 l/h at 7 bar. Bio-fuel can be delivered up to E100 (shortens lifetime!).

The FP 200-7 is compatible with Gasoline and Diesel fuel. It is the replacement for the 0580.254.044 aftermarket fuel pump with higher performance.



  • >200 l/h
  • Internal pressure limiting valve
  • 750 g
  • Fuel lines screwed
  • Internal pre-filter on suction side with 300 µm


Fuel pressure

Up to 7,5 bar

Gasoline delivery rate at 5 bar and 22°C

>220 to 270 l/h

Diesel delivery rate at 7 bar and 22°C

>185 to 235 l/h

Pressure limiting valve

8,0 to 10,0 bar

Fuel compatibility

Up to E100 with shorter lifetime

Diesel compatibility


Operating temperature range

-40 to 80°C
≤90°C for ≤5 h over 1.000 h lifetime
≤105°C for ≤1 h over 50 h lifetime

Storage temperature range

-30 to 60°C

Max. vibration
IEC 60068-2-34

10 Hz 19,4 (m/s2)2/Hz
300 Hz 0,654 (m/s2)2/Hz
1.000 Hz 0,059 (m/s2)2/Hz

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data


60 mm


197 mm


750 g
(864 g incl. cable kit)



Electrical Data

Supply voltage

6 to 15 V (26 V for 60 s)

Operating voltage

13 V

Load current at 5 bar and 22°C

≤ 17 A




Non-return valve


Fuel filtering

External, on pressure side

Over-pressure valve


Connectors and Wires

Electrical connector


Electrical mating connector

With ring wire M4 and M5

Mechanical connector intake side


Mechanical connector pressure side


Installation Notes

Up to E100 with shorter lifetime

For technical reasons the values may vary.

Please use within the specified limit values only.

Please find further application hints in the offer drawing at our homepage.

Ordering Information

Fuel Pump FP 200-7

Order number: F.02U.V03.136-01

Legal Restrictions

The sale of this product in Mexico is prohibited.

Due to embargo restrictions, sale of this product in Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, and North Korea is prohibited.