COM-API for WinDarab Expert

Using COM-API allows some control over WinDarab:

  • Attaching to or creating new instances of WinDarab Application
  • Data Domain (opened files and overlays)
  • Cursor position – View range
  • Marked/Tagged range


Users can also compile their application as a WinDarab Plugin. This allows custom buttons and menus on the WinDarab Ribbon. Apart from plugins, applications using COM-API are out of process communication.


COM-API can create new measurement files

  • A 3rd party application/plugin can use the UserDataFile class to create new measurement files with application generated channel data.
  • Files created with the new API are written in WinDarab file format v2 which is supported since WinDarab v7.6.
  • A brief example how to write a file can be found in the BMS2ApiSamples.Net project, see the source in CreateUserDataFile.cs.


The application of COM-API requires the Expert-version of WinDarab, it doesn’t work with the Free-version.




  • Gives external tools access to WinDarab functionalities

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COM-API for WinDarab Expert

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