Electronic Throttle Body

The throttle body is designed to control the fresh air of spark ignition engines in combination with an electronic throttle control system. ETB applications with flex-fuel, CNG and LPG are permissible if injected in the air flow after the throttle body.

A typical ETC system includes the following components: electronic throttle body, accelerator pedal module and electronic control unit.

You will find the available bore diameters in the variations table.




  • Many bore diameters available
  • Throttle position sensor is redundant
  • For flex-fuel, CNG, LPG
  • Idle default position


Temperature range

-40 to 140°C

Max. vibration

50 to 250 m/s2 at 50 Hz to 2 kHz

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data

Available bore diameters

32 mm


40 mm


44 mm


46 mm


50 mm


52 mm


54 mm


60 mm


82 mm

Electrical Data

Supply voltage

6 to 16 V

Supply voltage sensor

5 ± 0.2 V

Max. allowed generator current

<10.0 A


Output signal I

0 to 5 V for 0 to 90°

Output signal II

5 to 0 V for 0 to 90°

Connectors and Wires

Various motorsport and automotive connectors are available on request.

Please specify the required wire length with your order.

Installation Notes

For correct mounting please respect the hints on the next page “Mounting position”.

The ETB can be connected directly to control units with ETC functionality.

Please find further application hints in the offer drawing at our homepage.

Two redundant sensors control the up to date throttle position.

All ETBs have an idle air position.

Ordering Information

Electronic Throttle Body 32 mm

Order number: 0280.750.148

Electronic Throttle Body 40 mm

Order number: 0280.750.149

Electronic Throttle Body 44 mm

Order number: 0280.750.137

Electronic Throttle Body 46 mm

Order number: F02U.V01.171-01

Electronic Throttle Body 50 mm

Order number: 0280.Y05.107-10

Electronic Throttle Body 52 mm

Order number: F02U.V01.184-01

Electronic Throttle Body 54 mm

Order number: 0280.750.150

Electronic Throttle Body 60 mm

Order number: 0280.750.151

Electronic Throttle Body 82 mm

Order number: 0280.750.101


Mounting Position


* ambient conditions: Air pressure p=1000 mbar, Differential pressure ∆p=600 mbar ±25 mbar, rel. humidity rF=40 %, Air temperature T=24°C
** Opening direction is related to view A. See drawings on bottom of chapter “Dimensions”.

Legal Restrictions

The sale of this product in Mexico is prohibited.

Due to embargo restrictions, sale of this product in Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, and North Korea is prohibited.