Ignition Module IM 4

This module is an external ignition power stage capable of supplying up to four non-transistorized ignition coils.

The IM input signal should be supplied by an ECU with ignition signal outputs in the range of 10 to 20 mA, e.g. MS 6.

The IM unit combines the robustness of a high quality production part with good electrical performance to provide an ideal solution for adapting non-transistorized coils to an ECU without internal ignition driver stages.




  • Max. 4 cylinders
  • 54 g
  • Fits to all ECUs without internal ignition power stage like MS 6
  • Especially adapted for Coils P50(-M) and P65


Primary current

≤ 8.5 A

Clamp voltage

380 ± 30 V

Operating temperature range at measuring point

-40 to 120°C

Storage temperature range

-40 to 130°C

Max. rpm (ensure chilled mounting position)


Max. vibration

400 m/s2 at 5 to 2,500 Hz

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data


70.5 x 68 x 20 mm

Weight w/o wire

54 g


2 x M4 screws with spring washer

Electrical Data

UBatt typical

13.5 V

Voltage supply

6 to 16.5 V

IB high active on

min. 10 mA

IB low off

0 mA


10 to 22 mA

IC typical

< 8.5 A

IC max. at TU < 120°C

< 10 A

UCE satt at IC = 5 A

< 3 V

UCE satt at IC max

< 9 V

Connectors and Wires

Connector (Coil T1)

Bosch Jetronic 4-pole

Mating connector

Jetronic 4-pole


Pin 1

Collector transistor 4

Pin 2

Collector transistor 3

Pin 3

Collector transistor 2

Pin 4

Collector transistor 1

Connector (ECU)

Bosch Jetronic 5-pole

Mating connector

Jetronic 5-pole


Pin 1

Basis transistor 1

Pin 2

Basis transistor 2

Pin 3


Pin 4

Basis transistor 3

Pin 5

Basis transistor 4

Installation Notes

This ignition module can be used with Coils P50(-M) and P65 or comparable coils.

Please ensure that the connectors are safe from water.

The IM has to be mounted onto a cooling body. The mounting surface needs a planarity of 0.2 mm.

A heat conductive paste has to be used.

This ignition module is designed for use with engine control units which have no integrated ignition transistor.

Please observe the specified limit values.

Ordering Information

Ignition Module IM 4

Order number: 0227.100.211

Legal Restrictions

The sale of this product in Mexico is prohibited.

Due to embargo restrictions, sale of this product in Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, and North Korea is prohibited.