HP Injection Valve HDEV 5.2

The HDEV 5.2 is a high pressure injector, which is developed to be used as a port or a direct injector.

The function of the HDEV 5.2 is both to meter out the fuel and to obtain a well-defined mixture of fuel and air. It is an inward opening solenoid injector which is optimized regarding very short opening and closing times which ensures a very stable linearity at short injection times.

The benefit of this injector is a high spray variability concerning spray angle and spray shape. Also the flow rate can be defined in a big range. Bosch offers the spray targeting design according to the individual customer requirements.

If your application conditions will not match the listed performance data, please ask for consultancy at Bosch Motorsport. In addition to the specific designed sample, Bosch offers cost effective production HDEV 5.2 on request.



  • Flow rate at 100 bar: up to 2,000 g/min (n-heptane)
  • Max. 350 bar (higher on request)
  • Up to 20 holes
  • Spray angle 8 to 20°


Application at 100 bar (typical)

308 to 2,000 g/min

Fuel input

Top-feed injector



Operating pressure

Up to 350 bar (higher on request)

Operating temperature range

-31 to 130°C

Storage temperature range

-40 to 70°C

Max. vibration

600 m/s²

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Data

Weight w/o wire

68 g

Diameter body

20.7 mm

Diameter nozzle

7.5 mm


87 mm

Flow rate at 100 bar (n-heptane)

up to 2,000 g/min

Number of holes

4 to 20 holes

Spray type

Multi hole

Spray angle overall

110° (typical)

Spray angle single beam

8 to 20°

Static flow tolerance

±4 %

Dynamic flow tolerance

±6 % at ti = 1.5 ms


≤2.5 mm³/min at 23°C

Electrical Data

Booster supply

65 V

Booster current

13.4 A

Booster time

480 μs

Power supply

12 V

Pick up current

9.4 A

Pick up time

704 μs

Hold power supply

12 V

Hold current

3.7 A hysteresis 0.8 A

Coil resistance

1,500 mOhm (ambient temp.)

Connectors and Wires

Mating connector Compact


Connector Jetronic (wire)


Connector motorsport (wire)

On request

Pin 1


Pin 2


Installation Notes

The injector has to be supplied by a Bosch Motorsport Power Stage Unit (e.g. HPI 5 or HPI 1.16).

Listed electrical values may vary according to the application.

The injector can be cleaned (mechanically or chemically), if the tip will not be damaged.

Do not use supersonic cleaning.

Ordering Information

HP Injection Valve HDEV 5.2

Order number: on request


Spray variations, further variations on request

Legal Restrictions

The sale of this product in Mexico is prohibited.

Due to embargo restrictions, sale of this product in Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, and North Korea is prohibited.