Scrutineering Configurator and Tool

The Scrutineering Configurator and Tool is a software package developed for teams and OEMs to validate the software content of Bosch Motorsport ECUs.

The Scrutineering Configurator creates the reference file required to check the software status of a control unit. All you need is a template file and the Bosch control unit prepared with the correct software. The template file can be configured and is provided by Bosch, please contact Bosch.

The Scrutineering Tool checks the content of a control unit against the reference file.

Scrutineering Tool standalone

If you do not need the configurator and only want to work with the scrutineering tool (e.g. marshal or team), you can order the tool separately. You will need a license number to activate the tool, which we provide free of charge.


Please contact us for Software Download



  • Verification of the ECU software content
  • State of the art Hash algorithm SHA-256

Technical Specifications

PC Environment

IBM PC Pentium/AMD Athlon compatible, min. 1.6 GHz

Min. 2 GB RAM

Min. 1 GB free hard disc space

VGA/WGA monitor (min. 1,024 x 768)

Recommended Operation System Windows 10

Installation Notes

Software license valid for the duration of one year from activation. If the license is not renewed after that, further use is not possible.

Initial minimum purchase quantity is 3 licenses, after one year there is no minimum purchase quantity anymore.

Ordering Information

Scrutineering Configurator and Tool

Please contact us for Software Download.

Order number: F02U.V03.072-01

Scrutineering Tool standalone

Please contact us for Software Download (free of charge).

Order number: F02U.V03.071-01

Legal Restrictions

The sale of this Software Tool in Mexico is prohibited.

Due to embargo restrictions, sale of this Software Tool in Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, and North Korea is prohibited.