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Historic Products

We support you with maintenance, service and repair of historical Bosch parts for the racetrack.

Historic Products

Since the early 1980s Bosch Motorsport has deployed electronic control units in motorsports with great success. Today we continue to develop and produce different variations of diesel and gasoline control units with or without internal loggers for motorsports use. Several control units are based on production vehicle development but most of them are developed for the extreme requirements of motorsports and come with special housings and connectors. For trouble free use we suggest periodic inspection of all control units. In case of a malfunction of the device Bosch Motorsport has knowledgeable and skilled employees to help you with advice and support.

What we can do for you

We offer spare-parts and repair possibilities for all mentioned control units. On request we do service for all other Bosch control units. If you do not know the model designation of your Bosch control unit please send us the 10-digit order number printed on the housing. With this number we can identify your control unit. Beside the control units mentioned above we also offer services for all other Bosch Motorsport systems including ignition control units, rpm limiters, data loggers as well as telemetry transmitters and receivers.





Technical support

Historic products

We still have a lot of Bosch parts for historical racing cars available. Furthermore, we offer services like maintenance and repair for all Bosch Motorsport ECUs. Please find additional information in our information sheet. All components listed here are available in limited quantities as new parts.

Alternator 80 A

Alternator 80 A

For Mercedes Group C and others, Porsche GT, various prototypes and touring cars, delivery after test run and with test protocol

Alternator 150 A

Alternator 150 A

For Rallye Audi, Opel Manta 400 and Ascona 400 etc, delivery after test run and with test protocol

Race track Motorsport development

Information sheet