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The Race for Insights – data's turbocharged impact on motorsports

Racing is fast, dynamic and full of power and innovation, but one thing drives it all: data. With our docutainment format "The Race for Insights", we show how Bosch is taking racing to a new level. Across several episodes, we give valuable insights into how Bosch collects and analyzes data and makes it available to the teams so that everyone can work towards a common goal: to outpace themselves.

Race for Insights

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Every race, every win is the result of many different factors. The interaction of all of these, and the combination of knowledge and experience, results in an unstoppable racing strategy. Each episode highlights Bosch’s central role from a different perspective. Because many different factors determine victory and defeat. Buckle up and start Racing #LikeABosch – lap after lap, episode after episode, for the win.