Simulation Tool LapSim

LapSim Chassis

is both an analysis tool as well as a vehicle simulation program. By further processing the on-car recorded data, using parts of the simulation models, a much more profound analysis of the vehicle behavior can be gained. Due to the direct link with the simulation model, vehicle parameters can be validated like aerodynamics, tire behavior, engine power, as well as driver performance. The visualization of the vehicle behavior creates a much easier and better understanding of the influence of several vehicle parameters on the performance independent of the technical background of the user.

LapSim Engine

supplies an easy to use engine simulation package capable of generating a torque/power and a corresponding ignition curves out of the main parameters of an engine. The model is able to simulate any 4-stroke spark ignition (SI) race engine currently seen on the market, with or without air restrictor(s). To summarize, the engine software is aiming for 95 % accuracy but 5 % the effort of complex engine software packages. The engine software avoids a vast number of variables in order to define every engine detail, in order to improve usability as well as computational performance. The engine package is integrated in the lap simulation.




Data Analysis

Post processing of the on-car recorded data with simulation models. Calculating vehicle handling state, aerodynamics, differential function, etc.

Determination of tire parameters out of on-car recorded data. Possibility to analyze tire performance over the laps.

Direct comparison between several outings and/or simulation model.

3D Animation of vehicle behavior for a better and more thorough understanding.

By comparing recorded data with simulation data a validation possibility of vehicle parameters and vehicle functioning is made.

LapSim software adds all vehicle parameters to WinDarab Files and creates automatic database.

Chassis Simulation model

Practical Pacejka like tire model. Tire parameters can easily be determined out of on-car recorded data. No tire data required.

Full vehicle model including limited slip (or visco-) differential

3D aero maps

Ride height dependent suspension kinematics

Calculation time 3-4 times faster than real car

(PVI - 3 GHz)

Automatic set-up optimization

Engine Simulation model

Engine model generates torque/power curve as well as ignition angle

Normally aspirated engines, with or without restrictor

2,3,4 and 5 valve cylinder heads

2-zone burn model in order to cope with all possible compression ratios and chamber geometries

Ignition point is determined by adjustable maximum pressure in cylinder

Fully adjustable camshaft profile

Engine model generates pressure curve over 720˚ crankshaft, which is integrated to calculate engine torque/power

10 seconds calculation time for 0 to 10,000 rpm range

Ordering Information

LapSim Chassis Free Version

Order number: free download at our homepage

LapSim Chassis License

Order number: B261.206.432-01

LapSim Chassis and Engine License

Order number: F01T.A20.057-01


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Legal Restrictions

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